About us

Meet the founders

In 2013 two entrepreneurs, Clint Welgemoed and Virginia David, joined forces to bring to Makhanda-Grahamstown a much needed (and much loved) retail food experience!

Clint has a degree in Ichthyology from Rhodes, Virginia holds a Master’s degree in Agriculture focussing on Cheesemaking and both of them have a great love of food combined with a mission to share their knowledge and passion with their community.

Virginia’s childhood, surrounded by Austro-Swiss-Italian cuisine shines through in the cosmopolitan nature of Fusion Speciality Food’s selections and the delicious local and imported cheeses she sources. Clint’s thorough understanding of Ichthyology and love of the sea ensures that both Fusions offer the highest quality of fresh fish and other seafoods. Their deeply held beliefs about families eating consciously and healthfully and having access to good food has driven much of Fusions Speciality Food’s expansion.

Fusion Foods PE

Meet the staff

Fusion Speciality Food’s is staffed by highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic people. They can advise on products, dietary requirements and offer help with cooking methods.

Fusion Speciality Food’s knowledge-based service is thus superior to the average shopping experience.

Our Specialities

Along with all the awesome local and overseas products, fresh seafood, artisanal cheeses, ready-made meals and guaranteed gluten-free products, Fusion Speciality Foods also focuses on grass-fed, sustainably and ethically raised meats.