Our Products

Fusion Speciality Food Shops’ motto is “Local, Sustainable, Delicious” and while they do love to bring you hard-to-source International delicacies, their main focus is definitely local and lekker and always will be.

Seafood Deli Fusion Foods

Fish and Seafood

Our large range includes both fresh and frozen fish and seafood. We receive fresh fish as often as weather and fishing conditions allow. Most fish is sourced from Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. We follow the SASSI guidelines for sustainable fishing and our staff is knowledgeable about the fish and how to prepare it.


We source our cheeses from dairies all over South Africa. Imported cheeses are only stocked where we can find no suitable local alternative. The cheese selection is made on quality with many cheeses being award-winners. Cheese platters and cheese wedding-cakes are available on order.

Artisan Bread Fusion Foods

Fresh Bread

We make and bake quality artisan breads on-site every day using only stone-ground flours, fresh yeast and sourdough. On Fridays and Saturdays we expand our range to include pastries and other specialties.

Take home meals

Fresh Frozen Meals

Our freezers are full of ready-made meals prepared by our chef, which include gluten and meat-free options, slow-food soups, warming curries, pasta dishes and homemade pies.

deli meat fusion food

Deli Meats

Our wide range of cured cold meats are produced by Swiss and German master butchers in South Africa. Their curing recipes are based mainly on traditional Italian and German methods. These include Parma Ham, Pancetta, various Salamis, Coppa, and many more.

free-range poultry

Free-range poultry

Our free-range chickens are farmed just outside Grahamstown. All are guaranteed hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grain fed, ethically raised and slaughtered. The quality of the product bears witness to the superiority of this production method..

free-range beef

Free-range products

Fusion free range chicken, duck and quails eggs are also farmed locally. These too are hormone and antibiotic free.

Our pasture fed beef is from cattle raised on the veld in the Eastern Cape. The cuts are matured for at least 14 days, resulting in beef that is constantly tender, juicy and filled with flavour

We offer grain-fed, hormone-free ducks, which are farmed in the Eastern Cape. The choices include whole birds, various cuts and duck fat.


Our local section is always growing as we find new and interesting products to showcase. Our range includes gluten-free foods, olive products, ice-creams, yoghurts, rare spice mixes, exotic sauces, delicious jams and old-fashioned pickles.

Try our organically grown herbs, or make a smoothie from our selection of frozen berries.

Our extensive range of imported goods, includes pastas from Italy, German delicacies, asian products from the far east and much much more.


Let us create that something special for that important event, be it just for that one person, or for a large group.

We make up custom gift baskets, cheese, cold meat and smoked fish platters as well as gourmet sandwiches and don’t forget our famous cheese wedding cakes.

Please contact us on info@fusion-foods.co.za for further information or to request a quote.